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"An adventure of your life..."



Horseback Riding

Our Trip across The Andes will take you to the heart of “La cordillera” Itself. You will have the opportunity to experience nature, wildlife; riding through the majestic valleys between mountains.

You will enjoy watching the CONDOR and other wild animals ... You will enjoy the view of several mountainous peaks with eternal ice. We ride through historic paths will cross torrential rivers from eternal thaws, sleep under an endless sky of stars. We ride uphill and downhill from the Andes mountains...

"We invite you to live Mendoza, we invite you to live the Andes Mountain ..."




• 2 nights’ accommodation at Club Andino Pehuenche, Breakfast, Lunch and dinner, without drinks.

• 5 night trip on the mountain with Breakfast, Lunch, Tea time, dinner and drinks.

• Food and drinks during the trip, activities.

• Complete equipment for the ride: horses, mules and horses.

• Complete equipment  for adventure activities.

• Specialized guides in each of the activities.

• Satellite communications in case of emergencie.



Horseback Sanmartiniana 

1817 / 2019. SANMARTINIANA Expedition. Step the MALARGÜE PLANCHÓN. One of the columns of General Don José de San Martín crossed the Andes to liberate Chile and was led by the commander RAMÓN FREIRE, during the liberation campaign ...



• 2 nights accommodation at Club Andino Pehuenche / PIre Hostel, with full board, no drinks.

• 5 nights of horseback riding with full board.

• Complete equipment for the ride: horses, mounts and mules cargo.
• Complete equipment for adventure activities.
• Specialized guides in each of the activities.
• Satellite communication in case of emergencies.



Alojamiento en Los Molles / Verano e Invierno

a 18 kms de Valle de Las Leñas Ski Resort

Bandera de Reino Unido
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