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Horseback riding SANMARTINIANA

Departure dates:

January 14, 2023.


Meeting place:

Club Andino Pehuenche Hostel. The Molles. Mendoza



Duration of the program:

8 days, 7 nights.

Price per person: 

(pre-sale rate)

DESTINY (Horseback Riding through LA CORDILLERA DE LOS ANDES, Mendoza).



• 2 nights accommodation at Club Andino Pehuenche, with full board, no drinks.

• 5 nights of horseback riding with full board.

• Complete equipment for the ride: horses, mounts and mules cargo.
• Complete equipment for adventure activities.
• Specialized guides in each of the activities.
• Satellite communication in case of emergencies.




Day 1
The Andean Club Pehuenche Hostel team awaits you at Los Molles. The guides that will accompany you in this experience, greet and introduce themselves. They give a detailed talk of the tour, "Customs" will be held: that is the selection of all the necessary elements for the journey that we will take in the two saddlebags. The rest of the belongings and luggage will be stored in the hostel. After lunch we leave for Arroyo el Deshecho (prioritizing the exclusivity of the route and climatic conditions). There we will camp for the first night and the start of the ride the next morning. Together, we prepare the "beds" with tarpaulins, part of the saddlebag and blankets. In turn the guide assistant prepares the fire to cook a good barbecue. The night will be under the stars, fire and guitar and the silence of the Andes.


Day 2
A good early breakfast, we meet our fellow travelers: the horses. With the help of guides and baqueanos, the most suitable for each passenger is selected with special care. We start the cavalcade going into the mountain range.
Lunch is a cold lunch, the ride continues to reach Valle Hermoso, where we will camp and spend the second night in the camp. The daily riding time is around 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.


Day 3
After breakfast, we saddle our horses to depart to the south west, join the Ríos Cobre and Tordillo observing incredible formations, have lunch in the Trujillo stream, in the afternoon we ride to reach the Valley of Las Cargas, summer station. There we will spend our third night camping (wet area with grass that is used for grazing animals in the summer). The riding times are maintained around 2 hours, in the morning and 3 hours. in the afternoon.

Day 4
Breakfast. We saddle the horses, load mules, we ride through the Tiburcio valley, Las Vallas, the priest's box, we have lunch and continue our journey until we reach Las Toscas, where we will spend our fourth night of camping. In total we will ride around 6 hours.


Day 5
Breakfast, we will depart for the Valenzuela stream (THE SULFUR), where we can enjoy a wonderful view, lunch, 14 hours. We continue riding to the HITO, PASO PLANCHON VERGARA, commemorative plaques, COMMANDER, RAMON FREIRE. ARGENTINIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM.
After visiting the place, we return to the camp to rest, after an intense day. 6/7 hs, dinner stove. This last night we will have the famous tournament of trick, guitars, experiences ...


Day 6
After breakfast, we return by vehicle, on the international route, PLANCHON VERGARA, where we will visit different tourist attractions, RIO GRANDE, PUESTO DOÑA ANGELA, LOS MALLINES HANGED, INVERNADA DEL VIEJO, LAS LOICAS, BARDAS BLANCAS, MALARGUE.
They wait for us with a delicious lunch, around 2:00 pm.
After lunch we continue the trip to the Pehuenche Hostel, Valle de los Molles 18 hs.
Repairing bathroom, mid afternoon, dinner.


Day 7
Breakfast, Pehuenche Hostel. You can opt for a group trip to the Hotel Lahuen-Co and relax in a beautiful sulfur bath, trekking, through Los Molles. In the afternoon return to the Pehuenche Hostel, dinner and goodbye fire.


Day 8
Breakfast, free morning, lunch, Pehuenche Hostel and we wait for the transfer to undertake our return to San Rafael to take the bus back to their places of origin.

* The route may vary according to weather conditions.


Equipment and clothing

What do I need to take to a ride? *

• Sleeping bag suitable for -10º.
• Hat with chinstrap (they are the strips to be able to tie the hat to the neck and that does not fly with the wind).
• Rain coat. Unlike a waterproof jacket, these are broad, they not only protect us, they also cover the saddlebags and the saddle.
• Two changes of clothes. We recommend loose trousers or field pants. It is better to travel with shirts and not with round-neck shirts, the former protect us more from the sun. It is convenient to carry several thin coats and instead of one very thick one. The fleece coats are very suitable, ideal for any season.
• A warm shirt, shorts or long shorts.
• Warm jacket and / or poncho.
• Wool cap.
• Neck scarf, scarf and gardening gloves.
• Swimsuit and shorts.
• Slippers and espadrilles. To ride, it is not advisable to wear shoes that are too wide, like boots, they can get stuck in the stirrup. Those who are accustomed, can wear riding boots. The shoes must be waterproof.
• Personal medications.
• Insect repellent.
• No vaccine is mandatory in the area. However, as for any outdoor activity, we suggest applying the tetanus vaccine.
• Personal hygiene items (can also carry wet wipes) and a small towel.
Sunscreen and lips.
• Sun glasses with fasteners (optional).
• Lantern mining, lantern that is fastened to the head by a headband.
• Binoculars (optional), jug, plate and cutlery.
• Photo camera, batteries (not rechargeable) and several rolls of photos or memories - for digital cameras (we recommend 3 of 36).

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