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3, 7, 14, 21 ,28 of  January 2023

5,12, 19, 26 of February 2023

4 de March 2023.

Meeting point: 
Club Andino Pehuenche Hostel, Los Molles. Mendoza


Duration of the program:
8 Days / 7 Nights.


Price per person: U$S

(Price NO included Shuttle bus o trasfers)

Price in American Dolar

Riding across The Andes.

Our Trip across The Andes will take you to the heart of “La cordillera” Itself. You will have the opportunity to experience nature, wildlife; riding through the majestic valleys between mountains.

You will enjoy watching the CONDOR and other wild animals ... You will enjoy the view of several mountainous peaks with eternal ice. We ride through historic paths will cross torrential rivers from eternal thaws, sleep under an endless sky of stars. We ride uphill and downhill from the Andes mountains...

"We invite you to live Mendoza, we invite you to live the Andes Mountain ..."



• 2 nights’ accommodation at Club Andino Pehuenche, Breakfast, Lunch and dinner, without drinks.

• 5 night trip on the mountain with Breakfast, Lunch, Tea time, dinner and drinks.

• Food and drinks during the trip, activities.

• Complete equipment for the ride: horses, mules and horses.

• Complete equipment  for adventure activities.

• Specialized guides in each of the activities.

• Satellite communications in case of emergencie.


Day 1

Our crew is waiting for you in our hostel in Los Molles, Mendoza (1900 meter above sea leavel). This small village is located to 18 kilometers  from  Valle de Las Leñas Ski Resort and 2800 kms. from San Rafael,  Mendoza. Los Molles is the main door to go acroos of  “La Cordillera de los Andes” in Mendoza.

Our Guides and Vaqueanos (guide assistants) introduce themselves. They are going to share with you this big experience across the Andes Mountain. They do briefing and explain exactly the itinerary and  They do Aduana.

“Aduana” : We check  with you all the important thing to take with you in our  journey.  All this things goes into the saddlebags (2) in your horse.  The rest of your luggage is stored in our hostel. 

We will leave to Valle Hermoso (2300) after lunch in the hostel. We camp the first night and we will begin the ride the next morning.

Together with the other Horseman put up the tents and we set up the camp. After that our vaquianos will prepared a good barbecued (ASADO).  And the evening will be under the stars. We make a fire and play some local song with a guitar and we tell some stories of the place.


Day 2

We Make a good breakfast early and we meet our good friend for the next couple days. This friend is  your horse. Our guides and you will choose the right horse for you. We started riding into and across of valley, rivers and mountains.  We stop to have a lunch and We restart the ride to reach “Las Vegas Negras” and we set up the second base camp. We ride around 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.


Day 3

After breakfast we will saddle our horses to go to the west. “Cerro Aspero (3200)” and “Lomo de la Vega (2850)” are in front of us.  We can see more summits around. This is a beautiful landscape.  We will have a lunch very close from “Trujillo River”We will ride to reach “Piedras Negra” and we will set up the base camp. We will spend the second night there.  We ride around 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.


Day 4

Breakfast and Ride. On that day the mules and saddlebags are not prepared because we got to the border with Chile (Paso Santa Elena , 2800 mts). After that we go through “Valle de las Cargas”. We have lunch and we will go to “Puesto de Correa” where we will spend our fourth night of camp. We ride 5 hours that day.


Day 5

Breakfast and Ride . We will leave early the camp. We go to “El Cajon del Trujillo”. This place is beautiful and we will spend our fifth night. We will ride for 5 hours that day.


Day 6

Breakfast and last ride with our best friend: The Horse.  We go back to the first camp. We can enjoy spring water and relax. We are surrounded by mountain and the landscape is something magic. We will have a great lunch and we waint for our vehicles to go back to Los Molles. We will reach the hostel around 19:00 PM.


Day 7

Breakfast in our hostel “Club Andino Pehuenche”. You can choose to have a relaxing day in the pool of the hostel. Also you can go to the spring water in Los Molles.  It’s located 700 meters from the hostel into the “Hotel Lahuenco”. You can borrow our mountain bike and go around Los Molles. Or you can go trekking… We will have a dinner that evening  all together and we make a fire (Fogon).


Day 8

Breakfast and lunch in our hostel. We wait your transfer or shuttle bus to go back to San Rafael, Mendoza.



Equipment and clothing

What I need to take a ride? *

• Sleeping bag suitable for -10.

• hat with chinstrap (are the strips to tie his hat to the neck and not for the wind).

• Layer rain. Unlike a waterproof jacket, they are spacious, not only protect us, they cover the saddlebags and saddle.

• Two sets of clothes. We recommend panties field or slacks. It is better to travel with no shirts and shirts with round neck, the first shelter us from the sun. It is convenient to take several thin coats and instead of one very thick. Fleece coats are very suitable, ideal for any season.

• A warm shirt, pants or long shorts.

• Wram jacket and / or poncho.

• Knit Hat.

• Neckerchief, scarf and gloves gardening.

• Swimwear and short.

• Shoes and sandals. Not suitable for riding very wide shoes, like buskins, they can get caught in the stirrup. Those accustomed, can use riding boots. The shoes should be waterproof.

• Personal medication.

• Insect repellent.

• No vaccine is mandatory in the area. However, as for any outdoor activity, suggest tetanus vaccine applied.

• Personal hygiene items (can also carry wipes) and a small towel.

Solar and Lip Protector.

• Sunglasses with fasteners (optional).

• Flashlight mining flashlight that attaches to the head by a headband.

• Binoculars (optional), jug, plate and cutlery.

• Camera (non-rechargeable) batteries and several rolls of photos or memories - for digital cameras (we recommend 3 of 36).


* If you do not have any items, we can help you achieve them.

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